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COVID-19: Are you ready to hold deposition and arbitration hearings by videoconference?

Remote court reporting (also known as stenography or transcription) is now available via videoconference for your deposition and arbitration hearings. A realtime transcript of proceedings is available during the hearing, followed up by a finalized transcript shortly after proceedings end.

Videoconference Depositions & Arbitrations

In recent years, technology and resources have improved to such an extent that remote and videoconference depositions are now a smart option for deposing witnesses abroad or holding remote arbitration hearings.

Exhibit handling is efficient, fair and reliable with new technology solutions such as LiveLitigation’s ElectronicExhibits or eDepoze. Monitor the proceedings with easy-to-use videoconferencing systems such as LiveLitigation, Zoom, or Skype. And with text streaming of the transcript, you can follow the proceedings in realtime.

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COVID-19 Update

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