Rich Alossi Realtime Reporting: Court Reporter in Europe

A trusted name in realtime deposition and arbitration court reporting, Rich Alossi Realtime Reporting provides American-style court reporting in Europe from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. That means no travel fees for court reporting assignments in the majority of the Netherlands, and low travel fees throughout the rest of Europe.

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court reporting experience in Europe and abroad:

  • Belgium

  • China: Hong Kong SAR

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany: U.S. Consulate General-Frankfurt

  • Grenada

  • Italy

  • Luxembourg

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • South Korea

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Taiwan

  • United Kingdom

Certifications, Licenses and Certificates

  • California Certified Shorthand Reporter 13497

  • Registered Professional Reporter

  • California Certificate in Realtime Reporting

  • Realtime Systems Administrator

Volunteer Service AND MEMBERSHIPS

  • President, Deposition Reporters Association - 2015-2016

  • Vice President, Deposition Reporters Association - 2014-2015

  • Director, Deposition Reporters Association - 2012-2014

  • Member of:

    • Deposition Reporters Association

    • National Court Reporters Association

    • Intersteno

Court reporter in the Netherlands: Services

  • Wireless iPad realtime to iCVNet app

  • Streaming realtime

  • High-quality rough drafts

Equipment and Software

  • Case CATalyst v.20

  • Stenograph Luminex writer

  • Stenograph CaseViewNet/iCVNet iPad app with
    ten iPads and iCVNet Cloud (streaming) and Remote Counsel (streaming) capabilities

  • Wired LiveNote and Bridge support

Seminars and speaking engagements

  • CalDRA Convention: "Preparing for Realtime Jobs"

  • CalDRA Convention: "International Travel Jobs"

  • CalDRA Fall Seminar: "Preparing for Realtime Jobs Part II"

  • CalDRA Summer Seminar: "Preparing for Realtime Jobs"

  • CalDRA Convention: "There Oughtta Be a Law" Interactive Legislative Panel

  • CalDRA Convention: "Tips for Students" Interactive Q&A Session

  • CalDRA Convention: "Can You Hear Me Now? Audio Tips for the Reporter"

  • CalDRA Convention: "Making the Connection: Wireless Connections for Realtime Reporters"

  • CalDRA Convention: "Busy Lives, Busy Schedules: Get Your Professional Life in Order!"

  • FCRA Convention: "Making the Connection: Wireless Connections for Realtime Reporters"

Scheduling Inquiries

Please note: I do not provide immigration advice, legal advice, or information about work visas. Due to ongoing commitments, I can only accept assignments up to six weeks in advance. At this time I am only working directly with court reporting agencies and not law firms or self-representing parties.

Rich Alossi, RPR, CCRR, CSR 13497
Amsterdam, Netherlands
VAT Number NL 461156714B01
Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Number 65802012

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